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Our drive is to support our clients with solutions that meet their needs and to introduce order and structure. Support like this is only possible if you understand your clients, so we take the time to find out what they really need.

As Abraham Lincoln once said: “If I only had an hour to chop down a tree, I would spend the first 45 minutes sharpening my axe”.

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This may be a bit of an exaggeration, but it is how we prefer to tackle things at Quantera Global. Spending time with our clients, understanding their business, underlying questions and tax implications. This enables us to develop optimum transfer pricing solutions with and for our clients.


“Quantera Global has lightened our compliance burden in an efficient way. We are now fully prepared in these post-BEPS times.”

Stephan Gaemers

Tax Director

“Quantera Global has assisted me on various transfer pricing projects, always responding swiftly and with outstanding client service."

Eduardo Goldszal

Finance Senior Director

Our greatest success is your success.

Our approach:


Our approach to transfer pricing can involve all of the below phases:



Defining the transfer pricing strategy

It is our firm belief that developing a transfer pricing policy fully aligned with and supporting the business should have the highest priority. This results in a sound basis for the defense, the implementation, an effective and efficient manner for handling the compliance burden and the transfer pricing documentation. Which is why our approach includes well-prepared brainstorming sessions. These are intended to support our clients in defining the risk strategy and the optimum transfer pricing model to which practical and pragmatic solutions are applied and for which priorities are set.



Design of the optimum transfer pricing policy and model

During a project’s design phase we support our clients in the selection of the transfer pricing model that is in line with and appropriate for their business operations. It should be flexible enough to follow business developments. Moreover, a transfer pricing model should be as simple as possible, compliant, and should benefit from available tax incentives.



Support in transfer pricing documentation / effective handling of transfer pricing compliance

We support you in the set-up, drafting and maintenance of all possible transfer pricing documentation. Substantiating and recording intercompany transactions with appropriate documentation for all countries in which a multinational has activities is a real challenge in the current regulatory environment. Especially because more and more countries have specific requirements for transfer pricing documentation in law. Through our experience and capabilities around the globe, we are able to serve our clients, where and whenever necessary.

As automation of compliance and controls is becoming increasingly important for our clients we have developed a transfer pricing tool. This enables our clients to monitor the intercompany transactions, and supports them in drafting and maintaining effective documentation.



Support in defending your transfer price model

The defense of our clients in transfer pricing negotiations with tax authorities and the avoidance of international double taxation is increasingly important.

When preparing for a local transfer pricing audit a holistic view of all relevant aspects is needed. At Quantera Global we have a team of highly experienced professionals that can help our clients to establish a strong defense taking into account strategic, tactical, and procedural considerations. They will guide clients in navigating the many options available for dealing effectively with any transfer pricing controversy, including applications for Advance Pricing Agreements and assistance in Mutual Agreement Procedures.



Support in setting up/monitoring of a transfer pricing model

The effectiveness of a transfer pricing model depends heavily on its proper implementation.

We can assist you with the implementation in the financial system and in your administration, and can also provide you with guidance for communicating with and monitoring all parties involved within your company. Furthermore it is important to formalise a transfer pricing model in appropriate intercompany agreements.


Software as a solution

Added-value for your business

Can transfer pricing add value to your business?

Are you an entrepreneur with an internationally active company? Are you considering your options for international trade? Are you part of an international family business or a large multinational? Every international company has a business model and a strategy. Transfer pricing should be an integral part of this. Would you like to find out what transfer pricing could mean for your company? Please do not hesitate to contact us.


Our clients tell our success

We want to serve our clients in a manner that makes a difference and leads to a long-lasting partnership.

Have a look here how clients have perceived our services.

icon Stefan Ubachs

“A honeycomb is an intriguing example of structure that can be found in nature. All hexagonal cells together form a solid, strong and orderly structure. A honeybee colony is also a perfect example of teamwork: worker bees are responsible for the construction of the hive, while drones ensure that the hive continues to develop. Together they strengthen the hive. The Quantera Global team can help you bring structure to your transfer pricing and can build a solid TP model that fits your needs.”

Excellent and personal

Quantera Global offers high-quality, specialised comprehensive services in the field of transfer pricing, and does so with a personal approach. If you entrust your transfer pricing business to us, you know it is in safe hands.

By focusing on what we are good at, we can deliver the best possible solutions. We are independent and allow ourselves to take time to really understand our clients’ needs.

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