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The perfection found in nature serves as inspiration and drives us to excel in order to achieve the best solution for our clients.

As a service provider we want to serve our clients in a manner that makes a difference and leads to a long-lasting partnership.

Our greatest success is your success.

“Quantera Global has lightened our compliance burden in an efficient way. We are now fully prepared in these post-BEPS times.”

Stephan Gaemers

Tax Director

“Quantera Global has assisted me on various transfer pricing projects, always responding swiftly and with outstanding client service."

Eduardo Goldszal

Finance Senior Director

“Quantera Global helped us to make a major step forward in analyzing our business and intra-group transactions and made it possible to fulfill all the needs in documenting and implementing our transfer pricing policies. Without their support, it would have been impossible to meet the needs of all stakeholders (internal and external) in time!!”

Ton Mens

Concern Director Finance & ICT

“They dare to make firm statements and they keep to what they say. They are really high-level sparring partners.”

Marie-Jose van Dalen

Tax Manager

"Quantera helped us on preparing master file and NL local files for Anadolu Efes. We observed good technical quality, diverse experience, a team composed of both senior and young people and they’ve elaborated details more than one would expect. Thanks a lot."

Mustafa Susam

Tax Director

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success story.

“Quantera was able to help us with analysing our business, and determining the best way forward with respect to our intra-group transactions, in a very pragmatic and cost-efficient way.”

Gerben Muntinga

Group Tax Director

“We immediately realised that Transfer Pricing has more possibilities than imagined when we met the people of Quantera Global.”

Martie van Boekel

Financial Manager

Quantera Global We bring order and structure in your transfer pricing needs.

“Quantera Global has a professional, proactive and enthusiastic transfer pricing team. I believe Quantera Global can provide many MNEs like MSI with reasonable and practical solutions in the transfer pricing field.”

Kevin Wang

Managing Director MSI

“Quantera Global is great to collaborate with, a trustworthy partner from strategy up to defense, that fully understands the complex nature of Transfer Pricing while strategically reducing risk.”

Hicham Maatoug

Director Tax Emea Celanese

Find your solution.

"The analysis was thorough, easy to understand and Quantera provided strong rationale and support to modify our transfer price policy to better reflect our changing business models."

Carolyn Hauger

CFO / Senior VP LION

“I really appreciate the valuable results of our first Transfer Pricing project with Quantera Global.”

Georg Proksch

Tax Manager TP Red Bull

"We appreciate to work with Quantera Global. They understand what we need and deliver in time. We consider Quantera Global as a professional partner providing unique knowledge and experience."

Thom Coenen

International Tax Manager

"It is a pleasure to have Quantera Global assist us in designing and setting-up our intercompany charges for our growing international activities. Meeting our needs for a practical and straightforward solution to start with, while preparing us for a future-proof approach as well."

Ramon Caanen

Partner Gordian

"Quantera Global applies a helicopter view with an eye for detail when required, is a pleasure to work with and has a solid global network. Quantera Global is a specialized Transfer Pricing firm with a global network which I can highly recommend."

Willem Zwitserloot


"Quantera Global has assisted me on a complex transfer pricing topic. It was a real pleasure to work with the Quantera Team. They have the ability to combine high level senior expertise with the kind of personal touch that makes you feel at home."

Maurice Schemkes

Group Tax Manager

“Quantera Global has been instrumental in designing and defending our transfer pricing model. They are really creative, they offer what you really need and all this comes with a human perspective.”

Marie-Thérèse Josten-de Dobbelaere

Business Controller, Mayordomo Holding B.V

“Quantera Global has proven to build up a trustworthy partnership with our own team. They were able to translate the sometimes complex supply chain in our Group to a logical Transfer Pricing Strategy supported by readable TP documentation.”

Pim Peters

Corporate Director Tax

icon Rudolf Sinx
Managing Director

“Water is the most essential element of Mother Nature. It finds its own way in a gentle, yet powerful manner and is a continuous source of energy. In water, I also see the transparency we use to communicate with our clients in order to find the optimal solution for their transfer pricing issues.”