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icon Excellence is our
second nature.

Priceless perfection

Our philosophy

Quantera Global was founded in 2013 as an independent transfer pricing firm. The founders wanted to set up the best transfer pricing firm possible.
The corner stone for this ambition as well as the current success of Quantera Global is still our belief that by being independent and creating a safe environment for colleagues and clients, we can excel and find the best solutions.

In recent years Quantera Global has proven that its philosophy works, as many clients and colleagues who have found their way to Quantera Global will confirm. The result is a strong well-founded organisation with unique DNA.

We are an independent transfer pricing firm with senior professionals. We have offices in the Netherlands, Portugal, United Kingdom, Malaysia and Singapore.

Our Team       Locations

QG-branded Offices and Alliances

Creating a challenging and safe environment has resulted in us retaining almost 100% of our colleagues and clients since our start in 2013.

We take time to really understand our clients’ needs. Our growth and retention of both clients and colleagues makes us proud and provides us with the energy to fuel our natural drive to seek priceless perfection.

We can support our clients in all aspects of transfer pricing. We have developed a software tool to effectively support clients in managing their compliance burden as well as obtain better control of their transfer pricing exposures. Furthermore, our international network allows us to serve our clients around the globe, wherever and whenever needed.

icon Emile Monfils
Senior Manager

“For me the aloe vera plant is one the best examples of nature’s capabilities of providing us with perfect and priceless solutions. This versatile and powerful plant is known for its medicinal properties that benefits our overall health. It can even be effective in healing burns. In the right environment, the aloe vera plant will thrive with very little care. I am convinced that the right environment enables us to excel and to be(come) successful. It’s the basis for being creative and finding the best solutions.”