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    icon Build on borderless trust.

    Formed in Freedom

    Our story and philosophy

    Quantera Global was founded by highly experienced transfer pricing professionals who had seen it all in the field of Transfer Pricing and started their own business with an open mindset. This to work together based on shared values of mutual respect, honesty, cooperation, and support towards each other and their clients. What has helped us enormously in this journey is that we are completely independent in the broadest sense of the word. We have no external funding or other shareholders, can focus entirely on what we are passionate about and have the financial and mental freedom to help colleagues and clients in the best possible way.

    Formed in freedom

    We can truly say that we are “Formed in Freedom”. We do not sell products off the shelf but look for solutions that will benefit you. This may also mean that we advise you to not engage us, not to start a project or decide to choose for a much less complex solution.

    Part of our set-up is that we have only one P&L, do not require our colleagues to meet a large minimum number of billable hours, turnover, or other certain financial budgets. We have created a culture where colleagues want to contribute to the organisation, do their utmost, have a cooperative and transparent attitude and support each other and our clients in a way that they would want to be supported themselves. This already resulted in a large number of highly motivated colleagues and many long-term clients and friends.

    Our way of working

    Our way of working means that

    • if you get in touch with one of our colleagues, she or he will involve the colleague(s) who best suits you and the topic at hand;
    • we do not get distracted by politics and support each other to develop and flourish;
    • we are asked by government organisations to provide input, because we have no other motive than to provide independent feedback and support (and are happy to do so);
    • we have a high retention rate of both clients and colleagues.

    Different individuals

    We are all very different individuals, but what unites us are our shared values in business and life and our passion for transfer pricing. We share our knowledge because we simply love doing so and because we believe sharing knowledge builds relationships and ultimately leads to the highest value for all of us.


    Because our origins are in the south of the Netherlands, you may find that we can be a bit informal, highly practical, believe in common sense,  make jokes and that we have a nice lunch arranged for you when you visit. Although we love the south of the Netherlands, our business is global and so is our coverage with both branded offices and strategic alliances all over the globe.

    We hope to share our story and philosophy with you. As a colleague, client or friend of ours. This can also can also be done via one of our events, in a call or face to face in one of our offices. Interested? Please get in touch.

    icon Rudolf Sinx
    Managing Director

    “I am a music lover and collector of vinyl records. My turntable mainly plays music from the 1970s and 1980s. One of my greatest pleasures and strengths is bringing and keeping people together. One of my colleague partners calls this ‘bridge over troubled water’. The personal interaction with colleagues and clients is one of the things I enjoy most about my role at the firm.”