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Sharing Transfer Pricing knowledge.

At Quantera Global, we believe that sharing knowledge is essential. The QG Academy is meant to share Transfer Pricing knowledge and to build relationships. 

The QG Academy group sessions are available for you and your company in two forms: 

  1. Private sessions; 
  2. Group sessions and webinars;

The QG Academy is intended for tax and finance professionals, CFOs and CEOs who would like to learn about transfer pricing.

Due to the measures in relation to the Covid-19 virus no phyiscal group sessions will be organized at the moment. Instead we will organize webinars. These webinars are free-of-charge to support MNEs in these difficult times.


Private Sessions

The QG Academy offers the opportunity to obtain a customised learning experience. Transfer Pricing related topics may be chosen in order to create a learning experience that suits your preferences. The class can either be held at our office in Waalre or at your own office. These private sessions can be organised for multiple colleagues, as a one-on-one course or as the start of a project. Please contact us if you are interested in a private session.

Group Sessions and Webinars

Due to the measures in relation to the Covid-19 virus no physical group sessions will be organized at the moment. Instead we have organized webinars and will do so in the upcoming period. These webinars are free-of-charge to support MNEs in these difficult times.

Sign-up for our webinars via a short e-mail to QGAcademy@quanteraglobal.com with an indication in which webinar you would like to participate. We will share an invitation accordingly.



The following webinars are available:

Controversy in a post-Corona era

As companies are focusing on their business models and transfer pricing policies to survive the corona crisis, national governments are granting financial support and incentives to save the companies from bankruptcy. In a time of declining tax revenues, the government’s budget deficit will increase rapidly.

It is expected that after the corona crisis the local tax authorities will focus on increasing the tax revenue by among others assessing companies’ transfer pricing policies.

This might lead to an increase in tax audits, questions and disputes.

During this webinar we will provide you with some attention points on how to prepare for these challenges, including:

  • The impact of the increased transparency post-BEPS.
  • Choices in strategy towards controversy: proactive vs. reactive.
  • Set-up of a robust Tax Control Framework.

Date: Thursday 4 June, 2020

Time: 15.00-16.00 CET

Speakers: Richard Slimmen and Emile Monfils

Fee: Free-of-charge to support MNEs in these difficult times.

Interested? Please register via a short e-mail to QGAcademy@quanteraglobal.com and we will share the dial-in link accordingly.

Transfer Pricing answers for Corona times

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) leads to enormous challenges for everybody.  The related restrictions introduced by governments already have a significant impact on the worldwide economy, industries and individual MNEs.  In this webinar we will address the related Transfer Pricing challenges and answers that may help you to navigate through these uncertain times.

We will:

– Address possible changes in your Transfer Pricing policies and related approaches to support your cash tax management.

– Share our thoughts on potential restructurings, changes in business models and/or supply chains and approaches for the handling of existing rulings/APAs.

Speakers: Richard Slimmen and Theo Elshof

Interested? You can watch the webinar on our Videos page.

This webinar was held on April 15, 2020. Do you want to avoid missing out on our upcoming webinars? Register via a short e-mail to QGAcademy@quanteraglobal.com.


Participants tell our success:

“Clear introduction about TP matrix by experienced TP professionals”
Halbe Osinga, Group Finance Controller,
BIP Holland

“Pragmatic approach & accessible Academy”
Tom van Gessel, Global Finance Manager, Cordstrap

“Quality guaranteed”
Joey Kabalt, Controller, BIP Holland