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icon Quantera Global, the transfer pricing experts. Welcome.

Priceless perfection

If your company operates internationally, you will have to deal with tax regulations and authorities in other countries. Regulations you are not always completely familiar with. This can sometimes overcomplicate things. Because you want to meet your obligations, but preferably without compromising your operating results.

At Quantera Global we take pride in delivering optimum transfer pricing support for our clients. We provide solutions for multinationals that fully support their business strategies, are simple to apply, are compliant and take tax incentives into account. Optimum solutions for maximum results. Now and in the future. Our aim is to excel in customised solutions that you cannot put a price on. Priceless solutions.

Priceless perfection, inspired by nature

It is all about perfection. Nature inspires us. It shows us many forms of perfection that are truly priceless. Both in beauty and strength. Pure geometric shapes that have emerged naturally, symbolise the excellence that Quantera Global offers its clients. The result is priceless perfection.

At Quantera Global, we strive to be the best in our profession. And that starts with creating an environment that empowers employees. An environment in which everyone is given the space to excel and to focus entirely on transfer pricing. We serve our customers wherever they are to be found in the world and whenever needed. This is how we can meet the claim that we supply perfect solutions for our clients.

Quantera Global The best solutions are found in the right environment.

Create value and prepare for data-driven TP audits!

Local tax authorities are getting increasingly more data from companies. We cannot escape from big data anymore. Data is collected through amongst others mobiles, internet searches and face recognition. The same applies increasingly to corporations and MNEs. The stream of data from MNEs to tax authorities has led to all kinds of initiatives to u...

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OECD publishes proposal to tax profits in countries where customers are located

On 9 October 2019, the OECD published a proposal with the aim to ensure that large and highly profitable multinational companies, including digital companies, pay taxes where they have important consumer-oriented activities and generate profits. Allocating profits in countries without a company being physically present means a completely new per...

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Round Table | Tax data management,
tax automation and Transfer Pricing tooling
Tuesday 22 October 2019

Join this Round Table and get informed about the experience and learnings of NXP Semiconductors on tax data management and automation. Advance Tax Solutions and Quantera Global invite you to a Round Table on ‘Tax data management, tax automation and Transfer Pricing tooling’ on Tuesday 22 October 2019, from 14:30-17:30 hrs at Evoluon, Noord Braba...

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So when we are asked to defend the use of an existing transfer pricing model, design a new model, or document intercompany transactions, our team of experts is always ready to help.

icon Theo Elshof
Managing Director

“As a conceptual guy I have chosen for a perfect shape of the nautilus shell. A shape linked to the golden ratio and the Fibonacci sequence. Behind the priceless perfection of the shell and these concepts lies a great world of culture, music and science. Each and every day this inspires me to support the growth of my colleagues and clients and work together on solutions that make a difference.”

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