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Quantera Global strengthens strategic position in Italy

Quantera Global, one of the world’s leading independent transfer pricing advisory firms, is proud to announce its strategic partnership with GLTax, an Italian professional services firm specialising in transfer pricing and tax advisory. This allia...
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Quantera Global Newsletter available!

Would you like to stay up-to date on relevant Transfer Pricing developments and don’t miss important national and global developments in tax law that are (closely) related to the Transfer Pricing world? Quantera Global has collected the key ...
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Is your subsidiary in need of funding?

Often, we are asked to test an intercompany loan to see whether the interest rate is at arm’s length. However, at times we are asked to help with the setting up of an intercompany loan. Where testing is focussed on finding comparables in which the...
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Quantera Global Academy | Introduction to basics of Transfer Pricing | Wednesday 20 November 2019

Invitation Quantera Global has decided to start the ‘Quantera Global Academy’. The Academy is meant to share Transfer Pricing knowledge and to introduce participants to Quantera Global in an accessible manner. Event details The Quanter...
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Create value and prepare for data-driven TP audits!

Local tax authorities are getting increasingly more data from companies. We cannot escape from big data anymore. Data is collected through amongst others mobiles, internet searches and face recognition. The same applies increasingly to corporation...
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