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Transfer Pricing implications draft German tax law

This news item has been posted with thanks to our strategic alliance partner Oliver Treidler (TP&C GmbH, Berlin). Transfer Pricing is becoming more and more a balance between international OECD guidelines and local interpretation and additiona...
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TP Documentation; 4 steps to manage the compliance burden efficiently and mitigate risks

In this post-BEPS age more and more countries are implementing Transfer Pricing documentation regulations. This substantially increases the compliance burden for both small and large MNEs. Full-on compliance with all local regulations is quite cos...
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Is your subsidiary in need of funding?

Often, we are asked to test an intercompany loan to see whether the interest rate is at arm’s length. However, at times we are asked to help with the setting up of an intercompany loan. Where testing is focussed on finding comparables in which the...
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Create value and prepare for data-driven TP audits!

Local tax authorities are getting increasingly more data from companies. We cannot escape from big data anymore. Data is collected through amongst others mobiles, internet searches and face recognition. The same applies increasingly to corporation...
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OECD publishes proposal to tax profits in countries where customers are located

On 9 October 2019, the OECD published a proposal with the aim to ensure that large and highly profitable multinational companies, including digital companies, pay taxes where they have important consumer-oriented activities and generate profits. A...
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