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Debate on BEPS, Transfer Pricing, EU State Aid and the developments in the Netherlands

Theo Elshof took part in the discussion on EU state aid, the future of transfer pricing and the policies with prominent Dutch tax specialists such as Marlies de Ruiter, former lead of the BEPS project of the OECD, Harry Roodbeen director of Minist...
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TP risk management in the post-COVID-19 era

The COVID-19 pandemic has hit almost every country in the world. As the COVID-19 crisis has major economic consequences for most countries, governments are facing huge costs to finance economic stimulus packages of an unprecedented volume. To make...
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Cooperative Compliance 2.0

1.1 Introduction In 2018 the OECD has introduced a new strategy to improve co-operative compliance amongst its member states. It was based on the OECD Project ‘International Compliance Assurance Programme’ (ICAP). The key principles addressed are:...
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Transfer pricing, the Corona virus and positive cash management

The spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and the related restrictions introduced by governments have a significant impact on the worldwide economy. In these uncertain times, cash management can be more important than ever before. In this blog we m...
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Transfer Pricing and Risk Management: a cost-benefit-analysis

When entering into intercompany transactions, Transfer Pricing documentation is always important. The intercompany prices must be at arm’s length, and be substantiated. The compliance challenges do not end here. During the BEPS-project the OECD st...
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