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Sharing Transfer Pricing knowledge.

At Quantera Global, we believe that sharing knowledge is essential and builds relationships. On this page we do this by sharing videos of our recent Webinars. 

If you would like to receive the slides of these presentations and/or would like to be invited for our upcoming webinars then please send a brief e-mail to

Transfer Pricing Developments Poland, Germany, Austria and The Netherlands:

During the webinar, we will discuss the following topics:
– Poland
o Transfer pricing rules – 2 years in new regime
o Personal liability (management board members) for non-compliance
o New tax havens regulations – controversial approach

– Germany
o Revised German Transfer Pricing Law and Administrative Guidance
o What’s new and how to deal with it?

– Austria
o Quick comparison with developments Germany
– Netherlands
o Political landscape and related developments

– Questions & Answers

Tax and Treasury: it takes 2 to tango:

During this webinar we will discuss the following main topics:

  • Latest updates on the tax treatment of cash pooling and intercompany funding, including the main components tax authorities will assess and red flags, by Adriaan van der Heijden and Stefan Ubachs, transfer pricing specialists at Quantera Global
  • Barry Ketelaar, Group Controller Europe at AS Watson, will share his views on how AS Watson has organised the cooperation between Tax and Treasury
  • Practical aspects and tooling to efficiently price your cash pools and intercompany funding by Melanie Beirens from Zanders

Transfer Pricing Developments United States:

During this webinar we will discuss the following main topics:

  • Developments in the US tax environment;
  • A US transfer pricing overview and differences compared to OECD;
  • The US perspective on intercompany financing; and
  • A case study.

Transfer pricing developments Africa:

During this webinar, we will discuss the following main developments in certain African countries:

• Introduction of transfer pricing legislation and guidelines;
• Amendments to existing transfer pricing legislation and guidelines;
• Introduction of or amendments to BEPS Country by Country reporting guidelines

Transfer pricing implications of Brexit:

During this webinar, we will discuss the main transfer pricing developments in the UK. In particular, we will:

  • present Brexit restructuring implications for a UK-based business;
  • provide an update on the current focus of HMRC and the HM Treasury in the light of Brexit and COVID-19; and
  • discuss post-Brexit impact and opportunities for inbound and outbound businesses.

Transfer Pricing Risk Management:

In this webinar, we discuss how you can manage your transfer pricing compliance.

Topics that will be touched upon are:

  • Formal versus material compliance;
  • Risk appetite and informed decision-making; and
  • Organizing compliance effectively.

The good hope:

In this webinar, we shed our light on the changing transfer pricing landscape from a conceptual level. Topics that will be touched upon are:

  • International focus and changing playing field;
  • Planning, compliance, and controversy; and
  • Alignment with tax authorities.

Operational Transfer Pricing:

The focus on operational transfer pricing is rapidly growing. The key question is: which level of risk do you accept?

During this webinar we discuss:

  • Introduction to operational transfer pricing;
  • Practical in-house experience; and
  • Technological background and possibilities.

What to expect for 2021:

During this webinar we look into our crystal ball and shed our light on the main topics for 2021. This includes:

  • Recap 2020 & Outlook 2021;
  • Transfer pricing in a (post-)corona year;
  • Potential impact of pillar I & II on TP policies; and
  • Automation and operational transfer pricing.

Transfer pricing in the Middle East and North & Central Africa:

During this webinar we discuss the main topics with respect to Transfer Pricing in the Middle East and North & Central Africa. Topics include:

  • Transfer Pricing landscape of the Middle East and North & Central Africa;
  • Implementation trends of Transfer Pricing legislation;
  • Transfer Pricing Audit Triggers in the region; and
  • Main points of attention for European companies that are active in this specific region.

Developments and Year-End-Topics 2020:

During this webinar we discuss the most important topics to cover before year-end. Items that will be touched upon are:

  • Year-end adjustments in relation to Covid-19;
  • Transfer pricing disclosures; and
  • Low-hanging fruit for tax authorities.

Developments in intercompany financial transactions:

We host a webinar to guide you through the developments in intercompany financial transactions. Items that will be touched upon are:

  • Key aspects of the (new) OECD Guidance on intercompany financial transactions;
  • Impact of the Coronavirus on intercompany financial transactions;
  • Attention points for transfer pricing documentation; and
  • The “IBOR” transition.

Transfer Pricing & Mandatory Disclosure:

During this webinar we discuss the transfer pricing aspects of the Mandatory Disclosure.

  • What kind of arrangements have to be reported;
  • The specific transfer pricing hallmarks;
    • Unilateral safe harbor rules;
    • Transfer of hard-to-value intangibles;
    • Transfer of functions, risks and assets.
  • Non-TP specific hallmarks related to transfer pricing.

Transfer pricing developments India:

This webinar outlines the developments in the Indian transfer pricing landscape. In particular, attention is paid to:

  • Headquarter charges & management fees
  • Transfer pricing disputes & Advance Pricing Agreements
  • Transfer pricing for start-ups and new manufacturing companies
  • COVID-19 & Transfer pricing

Introduction to transfer pricing:

This webinar guides you through the basics of transfer pricing. In particular, attention is paid to:

  • The relevance of Transfer Pricing
  • The arm’s length principle
  • A typical Transfer Pricing process
  • Attention points in practice

Brazilian TP/Tax and OECD:

The Brazilian transfer pricing legislation is often experienced to be quite complex and different to other countries.

During this webinar we discuss the Brazilian transfer pricing landscape, incl.

  • Current stage of Brazil ascension to the OECD;
  • Head office expenses allocation; and
  • Snapshots of Brazilian Tax Reform.

Transfer pricing developments Germany:

Germany’s new draft law will significantly impact day-to-day transfer pricing.

During this webinar we guide you through the German transfer pricing landscape, incl.:

  • The German interpretation of the arm’s length principle.
  • Intercompany financing.
  • Relocation of functions.

Controversy in a post-Corona era:

Tax authorities will likely assess companies’ transfer pricing policies to increase revenues.

During this webinar we will provide you with attention points on how to prepare, incl.:

  • The impact of the increased transparency post-BEPS.
  • Choices in strategy towards controversy: proactive vs. reactive.
  • Set-up of a robust Tax Control Framework.

Doing business in the Netherlands and Transfer Pricing:

This Webinar is focused on the Taiwanese community. Topics on the agenda are:

  • The investment climate of the Netherlands with a focus on the main considerations of setting-up a business in the Netherlands.
  • An overview of the latest developments in the Transfer Pricing landscape.
  • The several ways of alignment with the Dutch Tax Authorities.

Transfer Pricing answers for Corona times:

In this webinar we address the Transfer Pricing challenges and answers that may help you to navigate through these uncertain times:

  • Possible changes in your TP policies and approaches to support your cash tax management.
  • Potential changes in business models and/or supply chains and approaches for the handling of existing rulings/APAs.