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    About Coperitas

    Within the transfer pricing landscape, there are several solutions. An excellent transfer pricing software solution contributes to the efficiency of the tax team and enables you to free up time to focus on other important matters. Managing all transfer pricing matters effectively and consistently can be a challenge, especially while the (compliance) burden continues to increase. Multinationals are looking for transfer pricing solutions that support them regardless of their challenges. That flexible solution is Coperitas.

    Coperitas, empowering people

    We discovered that the existing software was simply not fit for purpose. The existing transfer pricing solutions, developed by companies, did not comply with how our clients and we wanted to deal with transfer pricing. The purpose of transfer pricing is to put the story of the company in the right perspective and tell the best story.

    Transfer pricing solutions developed by companies should not limit multinationals in telling their story the way they want to tell it. The lack of this flexibility in transfer pricing software solutions is the reason why we founded Coperitas. Flexibility is essential because every multinational’s story is unique.

    The challenges of finding the right transfer pricing software solution

    It is important to realise that multinationals are unique and therefore no “one size fits all” transfer pricing software solution exists. Multinationals need flexible and tailored transfer pricing solutions that are in line with their objectives. Coperitas is developed by both transfer pricing experts as well as software experts for maximum results. Combining their knowledge offers the best of both worlds for transfer pricing practitioners and multinationals. This has resulted in the following key benefits of working with Coperitas:

    • Access to all company data in one professional working environment;
    • Get a clear overview and deep insight into your company data;
    • More control over your transfer pricing with monitoring possibilities; and
    • Consistent and efficient handling of your transfer pricing compliance.

    Transfer pricing compliance, more than ‘creating transfer pricing reports’

    Often transfer pricing compliance is associated with the creation of transfer pricing reports. However, transfer pricing compliance includes the complete transfer pricing process. Is the transfer pricing design in line with the companies’ business model, is this transfer pricing design properly implemented in the financial systems of the company and are there sufficient controls in place to have confidence in the implementation?

    Finally, once well thought out and implemented, it needs to be documented. Create transfer pricing reports in the right context to fulfill your transfer pricing compliance obligations and save time.

    Coperitas, your flexible transfer pricing solution

    With Coperitas as your transfer pricing software, you have a professional working environment with all relevant data and documents in one place. This reduces dependency on key individuals within your company or tax team. Avoid manual errors and streamline your transfer pricing process in such a way that it is consistent and very cost and time efficient.

    Coperitas also provides you with a customized dashboard that helps you be in control over your transfer pricing and process. Want to try it yourself? Please try out Coperitas in the interactive screen below!

    Please visit the Coperitas transfer pricing software website for more information or schedule a demo to get a live tour of the transfer pricing software solution. We look forward to meeting you.

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