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    Sharing Transfer Pricing knowledge.

    Private sessions

    The QG Academy offers the opportunity to obtain a customised learning experience. The class can be held online, at our offices in Eindhoven/Waalre and Amsterdam or at your own office. These private sessions can be organised for multiple colleagues, as a one-on-one course or as the start of a project.

    A private session would start with a non-committal call to discuss your goals, the audience and input from our side on how to achieve this. Subsequently we will prepare an offer in line with what was discussed, including the options on how to achieve your goals.

    Once we are in agreement, we will schedule the private session(s) and align on the further preparation and, upon preference, also your own role. Depending on the goals, a range of sessions can be hosted or a single session.

    Dependent on the audience, the sessions are typically used to:

    • get informed on Transfer Pricing developments and how these may impact the organization (CFO-level for example),
    • create awareness on Transfer Pricing and practical management of tasks (e.g. local controllers),
    • develop practical and theoretical transfer pricing skills (e.g. members of the tax team),
    • dive deep into a specific transfer pricing topic that is relevant for the organization (e.g. tax director),
    • obtain background knowledge in relation to a specific project (e.g. colleagues involved).

    We have a diverse selection of professionals which all have overall Transfer Pricing expertise and excel at certain topics. Our professionals teach on behalf of various institutes such as multiple universities and the Dutch Order of Tax Advisors. Dependent on your case we will select the most suitable colleague(s).

    Please contact us if you are contemplating whether a private session would be interesting for you to discuss whether this would be a suitable option.



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