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    icon Transfer pricing master file

    Transfer pricing master file

    As of January 2022, the OECD amended its transfer pricing guidelines for multinationals to bring them in line with the recommendations of the BEPS project. Since this update, the guidelines include a three-tiered approach to transfer pricing documentation. This three-step approach includes the documentation of a master file, local files and country-by-country report. These are all annual requirements.

    The transfer pricing master file is an important part of transfer pricing compliance. The TP master file focuses on describing the context in which intercompany transactions take place. The transfer pricing master file is prepared at group level, whereas local files are prepared at company or country level. The master file must be consistent with the local files. Reading a local file is always done in combination with the master file. The master file provides a high-level overview of the multinationals group’s global business structure and activities. It also explains the group’s transfer pricing policy. Some examples of content that the master file usually contains:

    • A description of the company’s activities
    • Functional analysis
    • Finance activities within the multinationals group
    • Organisational structure
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    What to keep in mind: the legal requirements

    The transfer pricing master file is part of the legal transfer pricing documentation requirements in most countries. To comply with all requirements and guidelines it is therefore necessary to have a master file. The TP master file must be aligned with all the local files. In certain countries, the master file has to be filed in the local language. Consequences of non-compliance with transfer pricing documentation requirements may be:

    • Questions from shareholders and stakeholders
    • Audits and enquiries from tax authorities
    • Change of the burden of proof to you instead of the tax authority
    • Penalties

    Services that Quantera Global has to offer

    The transfer pricing documentation requirements have a significant impact on multinationals. To assist your company with its transfer pricing requirements, Quantera Global can support you in a cost-effective manner. Quantera Global can take care of all your transfer pricing documentation, as well as reviewing your current policy and documentation. This may include the transfer pricing master file, local files and/or country-by-country report. We can review whether your current documentation meets all guidelines and requirements, both national and international.

    What is in it for your company?

    It is important to meet all the required guidelines and regulations, to avoid penalties and other negative consequences. Our consultants can help you with the necessary documentation, such as the TP master file. Quantera Global offers the full package, or we can simply perform reviews. This depends on your needs and wishes, see our menu-based approach.

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