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    Captive insurance

    Interested in more information about captive insurance for your company? Captive insurance is relevant for large multinationals and refers to an entity substantially all of whose insurance business is to provide insurance policies for risks of entities of the multinational group to which it belongs. The captive insurance entity is an insurance company that is used to insure a wide range of risks. A part is often (re-)insured through an external insurance company, and a part of the risk is kept within the captive. The main advantage of this structure is to reduce fees to external insurance companies and to create synergy benefits. Other benefits are flexibility in risk management and more control and insight for the headquarter in the group’s risks.

    The service we offer with captive insurance

    • QG provides design and analysis of the captive insurance structure, including a consideration of whether actual risks are being borne by the insurer and whether risk diversification has been achieved.
    • QG offers assistance in documenting and determining insurance premium prices.
    • QG offers assistance in determining the remuneration for the captive insurance entity, including benchmarking the combined ratio of unrelated parties and determining the return on investment.

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