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    Good governance is the process and system by which an organisation is controlled and operates. Different elements that are part of good governance are ethics, compliance, administration and risk management. In the transfer pricing area this means control and monitoring of all transfer pricing related matters, and a transfer pricing system in line with the company’s business. But it also means that changes in the organisation are identified in time and adjustments to the transfer pricing policy are made accordingly if needed.

    How can QG assist?

    • Board support
      We prepare or conduct strategic meetings with the board to provide an overview of the transfer pricing landscape. We outline how this may affect your company and advise you how to organise and prepare for the underlying challenges.
    • Transfer pricing control framework
      We set up a structured approach towards transfer pricing that suits the size, complexity and risk appetite of your company and set the appropriate controls.
    • Awareness sessions
      We provide transfer pricing awareness sessions to selected groups of colleagues. These sessions help your team to identify potential transfer pricing risks.

    QG can set up the control framework manually, or do this through Coperitas. Coperitas is a transfer pricing software solution, which contributes to the efficiency of your company’s tax team.

    If you would like to discuss how we can be of service to you, please make an appointment for a free consultation by phone or fill in our contact form. We are looking forward to meeting you.

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