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    icon Transfer Pricing Compliance Overview Service

    Transfer Pricing Compliance Overview Service

    Transfer pricing compliance means meeting all the guidelines and regulations issued by the tax authorities. Compliance is a necessary evil. If you fail to comply with the regulations and guidelines, you risk audits, penalties and questions.

    Managing the increasing transfer pricing compliance burden can be challenging. Common challenges for multinationals are:

    • What do I actually need to have in my records in terms of master file, local files, CbCr, transfer pricing forms?; and
    • When do I need to have this transfer pricing documentation finalized and available or submitted to the local tax authorities?

    The Quantera Global solution
    The solution to these challenges is QG’s transfer pricing compliance overview service. Considering our global network and access to various databases, Quantera Global can help your company with these challenges by creating a transfer pricing compliance overview. This solution will help your company to make informed decisions with respect to your transfer pricing compliance and never miss deadlines. This provides peace of mind, allows a structured approach to compliance and frees up your time to focus on other important matters. The transfer pricing compliance overview includes per country indications on whether and when transfer pricing documentation is mandatory, deadlines, penalties, whether the OECD format is followed and more. In addition, a presentation is provided which highlights the items to pay additional attention to.

    The overview is provided based on a limited fee per country as we can leverage from the work we perform for the various MNEs that make use of this service. An example for 3 countries can be provided by us free-of-charge.

    If you would like to discuss how we can be of service to you, please make an appointment for a free consultation by phone or fill in our contact form. We are looking forward to meeting you.

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