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    How to prepare for transfer pricing?

    Transfer pricing can seem like a daunting process, but with some outside help things can get a whole lot easier. Our tip? Book a brainstorming session with our experts!

    Having the necessary transfer pricing documentation in place does not in itself necessarily mean that a company is in control and prepared for transfer pricing audits or even has a good understanding of the tax risks. Many of our clients would like to be well prepared for more aggressive tax audits. They also want an optimal transfer pricing policy that can support changing business models and related restructuring. A brainstorming session can help. A brainstorming session is a very interactive meeting in which you, together with our experts, gain insight into the current situation of your company. You get an in-depth understanding of what is needed in terms of strategic risk management, transfer pricing policy, opportunities (such as cost and tax savings), and often a much better response and support for the business.

    The total process takes 3 to 4 weeks on average, from the first call to the final result and can be compared to a pressure-cooker process.

    Would you like to know how this could work for you? Contact us and we will be in touch shortly.

    A few examples from practice:

    Company X
    Company X was looking for an optimal transfer pricing policy to support and monitor business developments. The company had received a large number of memos from other consultants and was looking for an experienced and dedicated partner to support them in drafting an understandable, sustainable and compliant transfer pricing policy.After an initial constructive call, we received the necessary information to prepare for the brainstorming session. Based on the information, we were already able to identify possible future alternatives for the transfer price policy and the urgent initial topics to work on. The company agreed to the next step, and we are currently working on the implementation of the newly defined transfer price policy. This in combination for support in transfer pricing documentation for the past and current year.

    Company Y
    Company Y was redefining its overall business strategy after a period of strong growth and needed a partner to support them in designing an optimal and compliant transfer pricing policy.
    Through a well-prepared brainstorming session, we were able to identify and develop potential solutions for the future.
    We supported the MNE in drafting policies, transfer pricing documentation for the change and new policies and achieved proactive assurance on the change and new adopted policies with the local tax authorities.

    Company Z
    Company Z needed a partner to take their transfer pricing policy and documentation to a next level.
    In the brainstorming session, we mapped out the current situation and potential next steps with a certain prioritisation and corresponding work plan.
    This resulted in quick wins in terms of cost efficiency, tax savings and a well-prepared due diligence.