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    Quantera Global strengthens strategic position in Germany with Klaus Dorner Consulting

    Quantera Global, one of the world’s leading independent transfer pricing advisory firms, is proud to announce its strategic partnership with Klaus Dorner Consulting, a German professional services firm specializing in transfer pricing and economic consulting. Dr. Klaus Dorner, founder and owner has gathered almost 20 years of Big-Four experience in transfer pricing consultancy before starting his own business. This alliance will leverage the companies’ respective strengths in transfer pricing and economic consulting to empower MNEs with appropriate, tailor-made transfer pricing solutions.

    Dr. Klaus Dorner: It is a well-known fact that there is an increasing focus on transfer pricing by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (“OECD”) and revenue authorities on a global scale and within Germany. Klaus Dorner Consulting has extensive experience in transfer pricing issues, including design of policy, related analysis, and documentation, and supporting clients during audits. Our alliance with Quantera Global will greatly strengthen our firm with its international network and collective depth of transfer pricing expertise. Moreover, we share the same attitude towards values and mission, both internal and external; the way we want to assist our clients as trusted advisor in long lasting cooperation with our clients.”

    Richard Slimmen, Managing Director of Quantera Global, adds: “The close cooperation with Klaus Dorner Consulting strengthens Quantera Global’s transfer pricing capabilities across the globe, and especially in Germany. Klaus Dorner Consulting brings valuable expertise and experience, including substantial knowledge of the German market which is expected to show substantial increase in transfer pricing related disputes. With iSP Global Tax in Düsseldorf, TP&C in Berlin, and Klaus Dorner Consulting in Hamburg, Quantera Global has now partner offices in three major German business metropolitans. We all highly value a close and transparent collaboration, both with clients and with each other.”

    Quantera Global

    Quantera Global is one of the world’s leading independent transfer pricing advisory firms, providing specialist and integrated transfer pricing services to multinationals of all sizes across the globe. Our mission is to be our clients’ trusted transfer pricing advisor, working in close cooperation, and building a long-term relationship that will bring value to your business. We provide best practice transfer pricing consulting services in Europe, Asia, and the Americas in order to support multinationals to satisfy all aspects of their transfer pricing design, compliance and risk management requirements.

    Klaus Dorner Consulting

    Klaus Dorner Consulting is an independent provider of expert transfer pricing and economic services. It offers a comprehensive service portfolio, but with a clear focus on economic issues relating to the analysis of value chains, market analyses and the unrelated nature of transactions within corporations. Klaus Dorner Consulting is particularly geared towards international medium-sized companies, but also is a strategic partner for large corporations and provides specialized support to tax and legal advisors.



    Klaus Dorner Consulting GmbH

    Klaus Dorner                            kd@klaus-dorner-consulting.de

    Quantera Global

    Richard Slimmen                      r.slimmen@quanteraglobal.com