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    icon Transfer pricing risk analysis

    A high-level overview of your transfer pricing risks

    Transfer pricing risk analysis

    With our Transfer Pricing Risk Analysis, we will map your transfer pricing risks in a short period of time.

    Our Transfer Pricing Risk Analysis offers you a first indication of your transfer pricing position. The identified risks and corresponding practical solutions will be further explained during a consultation and summarised in a memorandum.


    • Insight in and practical solutions for existing transfer pricing risks;
    • The consultation is followed by a memo with concrete focus points in which the discussed risks are clearly explained;
    • By mapping out the risks, we can address them together in the future;
    • A relatively small investment of your time and money.

    Our approach

    1. Questionnaire
      By means of a short questionnaire, you will automatically gain insight into your transfer pricing risks and the actions to be taken.
    2. Consultation
      During a consultation, we will further explain the results of the questionnaire and provide practical solutions for your transfer pricing risks.
    3. Memorandum
      You will receive a memo summarising the consultation, the issues and risks, recommendations for practical solutions and potential next steps.

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