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Developments in intercompany financial transactions

The transfer pricing aspects of intercompany financial transactions are often considered to be complicated. These difficulties arise due to the characteristics of financial instruments and continuous developments of financial markets. In this blog...
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Transfer Pricing & Mandatory Disclosure

The EU Mandatory Disclosure Directive (MDD/DAC6) obliges intermediaries and taxpayers to report certain tax and TP arrangements to tax authorities. This will increase the compliance burden for companies and tax intermediaries. Certain TP arrangeme...
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OECD pillar one and two blueprints

In October and November 2019, the OECD released discussion drafts as part of BEPS Action 1 on taxation in the digital economy. The proposals of the OECD consisted of two main “pillars”. Initially, the OECD intended to release final reports in Octo...
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Quantera Global Newsletter – September 2020

In this Newsletter we would like to keep you up to date on relevant Transfer Pricing developments in an accessible manner. We are pleased to keep you informed about the most important national and global developments in tax law that are (closely) ...
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Transfer pricing documentation update: now is the right moment to act!

Most countries require companies to prepare transfer pricing documentation on a yearly basis. This relates for example to the master file, local files, and other local transfer pricing forms. It is important to meet these yearly documentation requ...
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