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Taxation of the digital economy, future of debt, and other OECD updates during the IFA Congress 2019 in London

Our colleagues Richard Slimmen, Rudolf Sinx and Arnas Laurynas joined the IFA Congress 2019, held 8-12 September in London. This event brought together leading international tax and transfer pricing experts from around the world. As a part of a four-day scientific programme, the experts presented and debated on two main subjects, interest deductibility and the taxation of investments funds, and on a wide range of other topics, including the latest tax court cases from around the globe, the interaction of tax treaties with domestic measures, and the future of taxation in general. There was also a heavy focus on the implementation of the measures arising from the OECD/G20 base erosion profit shifting (BEPS) action plan as well as current OECD tax initiatives still in the works.

Among others, Pascal Saint Amans (Director, Centre for Tax Policy and Administration, OECD), Richard Collier (Senior Tax Adviser, OECD, who is taking the lead on the pillar one digital tax solution) and Achim Pross (Head of the International Co-operation and Tax Administration Division, OECD) shared their insights and thoughts during a number of panel discussions. Read the highlights of the discussions in the MNE Tax article here.

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