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    Transfer pricing Austria

    Does your company perform business activities in Austria and / or have transfer pricing issues in Austria? Then consider Quantera Global as your transfer pricing expert. Quantera Global is an independent specialised transfer pricing office with a global reach via our QG-branded offices and alliances. We can help your company with all transfer pricing-related issues in Austria.

    Multinationals operate in multiple countries and are affected by the legal transfer pricing requirements of the jurisdictions in which they operate. The OECD Guidelines are the starting point for all member countries. As such, your company may need to align its documentation with these OECD transfer pricing guidelines and local transfer pricing documentation requirements.

    Our consultants can help your company to correctly implement and apply the OECD transfer pricing guidelines. Quantera Global can help your company set up a solid transfer pricing design and documentation that meets compliance regulations and fits your company’s specific situation. If you face or want to proactively avoid tax authority audits, , we are also here to help.

    If you would like to discuss how we can be of service to you for your company or office in Austria, please contact Quantera Global.

    Theo Elshof
    Managing Director

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      “Quantera Global has invested time in understanding our business and to design and implement our transfer pricing model in a way that also our business people understand, being flexible in their solutions.”

      Hendrix genetics
      Rob van Kalkeren

      Global Tax & Transfer Pricing Manager

      “Quantera was able to help us with analysing our business, and determining the best way forward with respect to our intra-group transactions, in a very pragmatic and cost-efficient way.”

      Gerben Muntinga

      Group Tax Director

      “Quantera Global has a professional, proactive and enthusiastic transfer pricing team. I believe Quantera Global can provide many MNEs like MSI with reasonable and practical solutions in the transfer pricing field.”

      Kevin Wang

      Managing Director MSI

      "Quantera Global applies a helicopter view with an eye for detail when required, is a pleasure to work with and has a solid global network. Quantera Global is a specialized Transfer Pricing firm with a global network which I can highly recommend."

      Willem Zwitserloot


      "We appreciate to work with Quantera Global. They understand what we need and deliver in time. We consider Quantera Global as a professional partner providing unique knowledge and experience."

      Thom Coenen

      International Tax Manager