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    Transfer pricing Argentina

    Are you a multinational, with entities in different countries around the world? If so, you may need support for your transfer pricing challenges in South America or, more specifically, Argentina. Quantera Global has a global network consisting of QG-branded offices and alliances. For Argentina specifically, we have a strong alliance with BaseFirma, which is based in Buenos Aires, among other places. Our combined services offer the full package for your transfer pricing challenges in Argentina.

    Multinationals or companies operating within multiple jurisdictions, have to deal with a lot of legislation, which can also vary greatly from country to country. This is all the more true in recent years, as tax authorities are focusing more on transfer pricing, especially for MNEs. More and more countries are implementing regulations for transfer pricing documentation. For your company, this can mean an increase in the compliance burden.

    At first glance, this can all seem daunting and overwhelming, especially without a clear overview of all the different legislations applicable in different countries.

    This is where Quantera Global can assist with its global network of QG-branded offices and alliances. Quantera Global and BaseFirma specialize in transfer pricing and have extensive experience in supporting companies with transfer pricing challenges such as global transfer pricing documentation.

    Please contact Quantera Global / BaseFirma if we can assist with your transfer pricing issues in Argentina.

    Theo Elshof
    Managing Director

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      “Quantera Global has invested time in understanding our business and to design and implement our transfer pricing model in a way that also our business people understand, being flexible in their solutions.”

      Hendrix genetics
      Rob van Kalkeren

      Global Tax & Transfer Pricing Manager

      “Quantera was able to help us with analysing our business, and determining the best way forward with respect to our intra-group transactions, in a very pragmatic and cost-efficient way.”

      Gerben Muntinga

      Group Tax Director

      “Quantera Global has a professional, proactive and enthusiastic transfer pricing team. I believe Quantera Global can provide many MNEs like MSI with reasonable and practical solutions in the transfer pricing field.”

      Kevin Wang

      Managing Director MSI

      "Quantera Global applies a helicopter view with an eye for detail when required, is a pleasure to work with and has a solid global network. Quantera Global is a specialized Transfer Pricing firm with a global network which I can highly recommend."

      Willem Zwitserloot


      "We appreciate to work with Quantera Global. They understand what we need and deliver in time. We consider Quantera Global as a professional partner providing unique knowledge and experience."

      Thom Coenen

      International Tax Manager