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Transfer Pricing assessment

Please fill in this questionnaire to receive a free-of-charge assessment of your current Transfer Pricing risk profile. If you feel more comfortable to discuss these questions over a call that is also possible. Please reach out to info@quanteraglobal.com to schedule such call.

    1.Does the group include foreign entities and/or permanent establishments/branches?YesNo
    2.Do intercompany transactions take place within the group?

    If yes, please further specify the type of intercompany transactions.
    a. Provision of servicesYesNo
    b. Delivery of goodsYesNo
    c. Usuage and/or joint development of intangible assetsYesNo
    d. Financial transactionsYesNo
    3.Have intercompany agreements been concluded for the intercompany transactions?YesNo
    4.Are transfer pricing policies (i.e. overview how to remunerate a transaction, such as cost plus x%) set-up for these intercompany transactions?YesNo
    5.Are benchmark studies performed to substantiate the remuneration for the intercompany transactions?YesNo
    6.Do these benchmark study(ies) contain data for the year 2016 and/or later years?YesNo
    Transfer pricing documentationYesNo
    7.Has the group a consolidated revenue exceeding EUR 750 million?YesNo
    8.Has the group a consolidated revenue exceeding EUR 50 million?YesNo
    9.Is a country-by-country report prepared?YesNo
    10.Is a master file prepared?YesNo
    11.Are local files prepared for the entities and/or permanent establishment/branches engaged in intercompany transactions?YesNo
    Specific questionsYesNo
    12.Do intercompany transactions occur with entities and/or permanent establishments/branches located in low tax jurisdictions (tax havens)?YesNo
    13.Do intercompany transactions occur that constantly result in losses on one or both sides of the transaction?YesNo
    14.Have business restructurings taken place within the group (e.g. shift of the location of production)?YesNo
    15.Has there been any transfer of intangible assets within the group (e.g. transfer of a client portfolio)?YesNo
    Please enter your details and we will contact you with your personal advice