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    Maikel Verhoeven appointed as Managing Director

    We are thrilled to announce that Maikel Verhoeven has accepted our invitation to join us as Managing Director, as of 1 January next. Maikel joined the Quantera Global team at its inception in 2013 and over the years has held increasingly responsible positions and demonstrated leadership qualities in various roles.

    Maikel has contributed to the development of our company from the beginning, and we are delighted that he will continue to do so in his new role. While Maikel has gained a wealth of experience over the past years, he is still at a relatively young age (33) and will therefore ensure the long-term continuity of our company.

    Theo Elshof, Managing Director of Quantera Global, adds: “Maikel and I started working together over 10 years ago and I am very proud that he managed to grow from a working student who drove my car to co-Managing-Director. I believe that Maikel will continue to grow as he has done over the past years and that he is a perfect fit for our company and has many talents that will support our further growth”.

    Rudolf Sinx, Managing Director of Quantera Global, contributes: “Maikel is complementary to the current Managing Directors and, among other things, brings operational excellence, which is becoming increasingly important in our field of work. I have found that his pragmatic, steady and friendly attitude towards clients, business partners and team members has already earned him a solid and constantly growing client base”.

    Richard Slimmen, Managing Director of Quantera Global, adds: “Having Maikel joining the management team will further improve the team as a whole. He is the first of a next generation that will help us keep up with the rapid technological developments in our field and maintain a close link to our younger staff members. I’m proud that he has developed within our company to where he is today”.

    Maikel Verhoeven: “I grew up with parents who built a construction company from scratch and learned that hard work, common sense and keeping promises are important. Working in construction in my youth, it soon became clear that I have two left hands, so that option was not feasible. During my studies, I learned that transfer pricing suited me much better.

    I started my career as “the taxi-driver of Theo”, which I actually liked. It gave us time to bond, and it gave me the opportunity to participate in and learn from various meetings and projects, which I would otherwise only have participated in later in my career. In 2013, I discussed the possibility of joining Quantera Global with Theo, Rudolf and Richard and I liked the idea of a start-up and the entrepreneurial side of it. I am grateful for all the opportunities I have been given since joining and of course the possibility to join as Managing Director.

    I would like to emphasize that this would not have been possible without the great cooperation and support I have had from all our team members, most of whom have been together for many years. Furthermore, I am very grateful for the great team we have, and I am confident that we can achieve a lot together while having fun. I would also like to thank all clients and business partners for their trust and cooperation in the past years and hope to be able to support them further together with the team in the years to come.”