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    icon Build on borderless trust.

    Formed in Freedom


    We are an independent advisory firm fully specialised in transfer pricing. In our field of expertise we are a true full- service provider. Our support can reach from strategy, implementation, software solution, defence and alignment towards tax authorities to APAs and MAPs.

    Quantera Global is “Formed in Freedom” which enables us to focus each day on our profession, clients, colleagues and what it takes to make a difference each day. With our global coverage through a quality network we can support you when and wherever you need us.

    In our daily transfer pricing work we support MNEs, SMEs and even government organisations. Furthermore we work closely with audit, legal and tax firms which enables them to support their clients the best way possible in respect of transfer pricing by using our specific expertise.

    As professionals we think it important that our clients are supported by the best possible software solution to stay in control of their transfer pricing, therefore we offer a solution that is build based on our knowledge and experience as transfer pricing specialists.

    Please read more on our story and philosophy here and please reach out or schedule a call.

    icon Emile Monfils

    “For me the aloe vera plant is one the best examples of nature’s capabilities of providing us with perfect solutions. This versatile and powerful plant is known for its medicinal properties that benefits our overall health. It can even be effective in healing burns. In the right environment, the aloe vera plant will thrive with very little care. I am convinced that the right environment enables us to excel and to be(come) successful. It’s the basis for being creative and finding the best solutions.”