Being compliant is not the same as being in control

Are you really ready for a transfer pricing audit? Are you in control?

Transfer Pricing Compliance and Transfer Pricing Governance are often seen as one and the same thing. But what if they are in fact different things with a common denominator: transfer pricing?

Prior to the BEPS age, organisations saw transfer pricing as just a tax compliance issue. The post-BEPS age has taught us that transfer pricing requires more than compliance alone. It requires strategy and transfer pricing governance with the aim of becoming ‘in control’. It has become a business issue that requires organizations to be more pro-active than they used to and, eventually, implement a well-defined policy and governance within the entire organisation.

What is the difference between transfer pricing compliance and transfer pricing governance? Which aspects are important in relation to good governance? Quantera Global is able to assist you with the design, analysis, assessment and implementation of a transfer pricing policy as well as transfer pricing governance. We can help you be in control. Read more in our whitepaper:



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