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    Quantera Global 10 years webinar series: The Netherlands | Thursday 26 January, 2023

    On Thursday 26 January we will kick-off our 10th anniversary series of country specific webinars. We will start where Quantera Global B.V. started as a firm, i.e. in the Netherlands.

    After a brief look back on the major developments of the Dutch TP landscape in the past 10 years, we will discuss among others the main current Dutch TP legislation, the Dutch APA/MAP practice as well as the developments that we expect for 2023 onwards.

    During this webinar the following topics will be discussed:

    • The main developments in Dutch TP in the past 10 years
    • Main Dutch TP legislation
    • The Dutch 2022 TP decree
    • The impact of international developments on Dutch TP practice (MAPs, BAPAs, joint audits, Pillar 2)

    Rudolf Sinx – Quantera Global Netherlands
    Stefan Ubachs – Quantera Global Netherlands

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