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Quantera Global - Vacancies

At Quantera Global we work in a safe environment without finger-pointing and appropriation of blame. Everybody can be themselves and feel supported in their choices. We are not only good at our work. We love it too. Our teams work very hard but always with a sense of humour. And we work together. Literally and figuratively. We are a team in the truest sense. We coach each other. Learn from each other. We work with people who not only excel in their profession, but who also value a personal click. We are on first-name terms with our clients. This is the strength of Quantera Global.

Founded in 2013 by highly experienced transfer pricing professionals, our team has steadily grown. Some have been involved from the start, others have only recently joined us. To reinforce our team of transfer pricing specialists, we have currently the following job openings.

Vacancy (Baltics):
Transfer Pricing Analyst

Vacancy (the Netherlands): Junior Transfer Pricing Analyst – Dutch speaking

Vacancy (UK): Transfer Pricing Manager – London based

Vacancy (Baltics): Transfer Pricing Trainee Analyst -Lithuanian speaking

icon Richard Slimmen
Managing Director

“I have selected Pyrite as it surprised and intrigued me. Could such a perfect geometric shape just grow in the wild without any human interference? It was difficult to believe at first but after some research it actually proved to be true! To me it also is a great example how natural behaviour can result in perfection. I always strive to be natural and strongly believe that by being true to myself and to my colleagues and clients I will be able to establish the best results possible.  And although perfection does not need to be costly it will certainly be priceless!”