Transfer Pricing Safety on Central & Eastern European markets: Quantera Global and TPS announce strategic alliance

Quantera Global, one of the world’s leading independent transfer pricing firms, is excited to announce the signing of a key strategic alliance with Transfer Pricing Services (‘TPS’), the leading independent transfer pricing advisory firm in Central & Eastern Europe (‘CEE’). Headquartered in Romania, TPS has a deep understanding of the Central & Eastern European market’s characteristics and tax authorities’ local practices, being involved in many transfer pricing projects in the region.

“As most of the CEE countries currently witness aggressive transfer pricing issues that tackle sensitive issues such as economic substance, profit allocation, intangibles and hybrid arrangements, this alliance will provide the multinational groups with operations in CEE with appropriate and tailor-made TP solutions,” says Rudolf Sinx, Managing Director of Quantera Global.

“A decisive factor for signing TPS as strategic partner was its professionalism and the work culture which is shared by both companies,” says Richard Slimmen, Managing Director of Quantera Global. “Both TPS and Quantera Global share a similar approach on working with their clients as with their colleagues.”

Adrian Luca, Founding Partner of TPS, adds: “Being part of the Quantera Global Alliance will enable us to consolidate our ‘Transfer Pricing Safety’ standard for the benefit of our clients, responding in an adequate manner to the new tax challenges with both local and global implications for MNEs. We are also glad to share our expertise and serve local subsidiaries of MNEs out of Quantera Global’s client portfolio operating in CEE region. Having worked with several members of Quantera Global before meant that we can easily relate to a common approach and understanding.”

About Quantera Global

Quantera Global is one of the world’s leading independent transfer pricing advisory firms, providing specialist and integrated transfer pricing services to multinationals of all sizes across the globe. Our mission is to be our clients’ trusted transfer pricing advisor, working in close cooperation and building a long term relationship that will bring value to your business. We provide best practice transfer pricing consulting services in Asia, Europe and the Americas, in order to support multinationals to satisfy all aspects of their transfer pricing design, compliance and risk management requirements.

The Quantera Global team is composed of trusted transfer pricing specialists and an extensive network of alliance partners distributed in key countries around the world. Our offices are strategically located in Amsterdam, Antwerp, Bangkok, Brisbane, Eindhoven, Genoa, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Hong Kong, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Manila, Milan, Shanghai, Singapore, Sydney and Tokyo.

About TPS

Established in 2009, Transfer Pricing Services (TPS) has become one of the strongest and most appraised independent tax consultancy firms in the field of transfer pricing in Central and Eastern Europe. TPS currently provides specialized services to over 450 clients, subsidiaries of multinational and national groups. Based on its results, during 2011-2016 the TPS team was designated by various specialized publications as the best team in the field of transfer pricing in Romania and Central and Eastern Europe. The team has now over 20 consultants and each of them is accredited or under accreditation by the standards of ADIT. On a local level, TPS is the only tax consultancy firm to have two of five of its members proposed by Romanian authorities to the European Arbitration Commission for removing the double taxation in the relation between affiliates. On the local market, TPS has a strategic partnership with one of the largest and most renowned law firms in Romania: Nestor Nestor Diculescu Kingston Petersen (NNDKP).

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