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    How to become locally compliant

    Quantera Global

    We often get in contact with Tax managers or Controllers who are responsible for a local entity which is part of a larger group of companies. Transfer Pricing documentation is part of the compliance burden of these Tax managers and controllers. However, in some cases, there is no or only limited support by the head-office and the responsibility to become (locally) compliant seems to lie with the local entity. As such, becoming locally compliant for transfer pricing purposes has become a local challenge.

    Quantera Global already assisted local Tax managers and controllers to achieve the optimal level of compliance possible.

    In our work process, we take the position of the Tax manager or controllers into account by analyzing the available information and determining the optimal approach. During the work process, we take into account any liability for the local management and mitigate any Transfer Pricing risks.

    Want to know more about our work process? Please feel free to contact us.

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