Impact of BEPS on transfer pricing in ASEAN: No longer “business as usual” for multinationals

Tax and transfer pricing professionals in the ASEAN region will have been following with interest the feverish activity at the OECD and with various tax authorities globally during the past few years, to counter the perceived base erosion and profit shifting (“BEPS”) practices of certain multinationals. Now that the fifteen BEPS action plans have been finalised and issued by the OECD, the questions that come immediately to mind are:

(i) What are the real and practical impacts of the action plans; and

(ii) What should multinational tax and transfer pricing managers do to meet the new challenges ahead?

This white paper explores what multinationals need to know and do now to understand and properly manage the significant transfer pricing issues and challenges ahead in the ASEAN region, and to take advantage of the opportunities that arise from these developments (recognising that opportunities always arise out of adversity).


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