Our History

In 2013 a number of senior partners decided they wanted to do things differently. They founded Quantera Global, with the aim of setting up a dedicated, independent transfer pricing advisory firm. In the past years, Quantera Global has attracted many clients and colleague specialists who recognized the ambition and DNA and decided to work together.

Quantera Global has also been recognized by various organisations, such as the tax authorities, the OECD and the Dutch Association of Tax Advisers. By now, Quantera Global is a leading international player, with offices and partners around the globe. In 2017, we expanded our presence to various countries such as the United Kingdom and Germany. Our clients appreciate our independence, transparency and quality, which is why Quantera Global has won the European Transfer Pricing Firm of the Year Award for the fifth year in a row!

Moving forward, Quantera Global is eager to expand its global presence and to continue providing top-quality services to its clients around the world.

Worldmap Quantera Global

Mission statement

“To be the trusted and long-term transfer pricing partner of our clients”