Q&As on German Transfer Pricing policies

Christoph Kromer, Managing Director Germany for Quantera Global, has compiled a number of Q&As on the German Tax and Transfer Pricing policies in light of the 2017 elections on 24 September, last. These Q&As were published on TP Week and are based on the programs and recent activities of the German political parties which are supposed to join the next Bundestag (German Parliament). These are CDU/CSU (Christian Democrats), SPD (Social Democrats), FDP (Liberal Party), Grüne / Bündnis 90 (Green Party), Linke (Socialists) and AfD (Patriotic Party).

Here is an example of one of the Q&As:

Q: In your opinion, how has the German business community reacted to public CbCR in recent months?

A: In the beginning when it was presented by the OECD, several German MNE’s objected that the introduction of the CbC reporting will be more beneficial for foreign countries than for the German economy. However, in practice most companies have already introduced CbcR in practice or are able to deliver the requested information upon request.  Therefore, after the initial discussions two years ago, the discussion has quietened over the last months.


To read the complete list of Q&As, please click TPWeekGerman election themes_christoph_kromer20170921.