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    Tax function and software as a solution for transfer pricing and more

    When I started my career as tax manager of a listed MNE, transfer pricing topics were only for the happy few. In those years I was already often consulted on this topic by colleagues of other MNEs and was asked “how to handle transfer pricing”.
    This was long before BEPS appeared and before tax control frameworks and tax tools were prominent.

    At that time, local tax authorities started with EDP auditors and looked into the possibilities to perform more automated controls. The need for more insight and control regarding tax resulted in a discussion whether this was the responsibility and/or task of the tax manager.

    The above remarks seem silly in the current landscape, but each day I still encounter finance, tax and transfer pricing specialists with similar questions, like: “how to deal with transfer pricing and related topics”. The main difference is that nowadays far more compliance and local tax authorities need to be dealt with.

    As a potential answer to the compliance burden, all kinds of software solutions have entered the tax and transfer pricing market. Quantera Global believes that by listening to the needs of our clients combined by our drive to go for and be the best, we deliver solutions that make a difference. This resulted in the possibility to offer a software solution that made me proud and embeds almost the total suite for transfer pricing and more.

    To highlight a few features: it combines legal, with intercompany and financial transactions, generates all possible transfer pricing and legal documentation, has a dashboard that allows all kinds of monitoring and controls, and enables the company to manage its intercompany agreements.

    By using the software you will get a tool that saves time for more interesting challenges, like “how to handle transfer pricing”. Some things never change!

    It is with this same passion and drive that I invite you for a call or a meeting, just to know more about the solution we can offer. Please let us know, we will be happy to support you.

    Theo Elshof
    Managing Director

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