A different approach to transfer pricing

“What makes us different from other advisory firms and TP specialists is that we strongly believe that we work better together by taking time to understand (y)our drivers in life and business.”




“Ambition is a journey, not a destination. We know that we will never be able to say, we have achieved our ambition, but we can say that we are living up to it.”



“It is important to enjoy life, to socialize with each other, and to see the funny side of things.”


Transfer Pricing is our business. We deliver measurable added value to our clients by combining our experience and expertise in transfer pricing with our local market knowledge through our global network of advisors and alliance partners.


Through our global and regional experience as well as our local country knowledge, we can bring real insights to clients, streamline their processes, reduce TP risk, improve compliance and identify and implement opportunities in the area of transfer pricing. We make sure you are in control.

  1. Strategy
    Clients increasingly use Transfer Pricing as part of their risk management strategy. From time to time multinationals will be under scrutiny in the form of audits from tax authorities. As part of a good risk mitigation strategy, many multinationals consider entering into an Advance Pricing Agreement (APA) to provide certainty in transfer pricing matters for a defined future period. Our clients value our capability and in-depth technical expertise in this area, as well as our ability to negotiate with local tax authorities.
  2. Design
    We develop a transfer pricing model that is tailor-made, working in tandem with your company’s accounting and legal framework.
  3. Documentation
    Preparation of transfer pricing documentation is the only way for companies to evidence their compliance with the relevant transfer pricing rules.
    At Quantera Global, we can assist you with all aspects of the preparation and maintenance of transfer pricing documentation, tailored to your company’s needs.
  4. Implementation
    The transfer pricing model developed in the design phase is implemented and monitored.
  5. Defence
    Quantera Global helps its clients stay ahead of transfer pricing changes and risks – and knows when to take action. We assist in responding to multiple transfer pricing audits and investigations with tax authorities in multiple jurisdictions.