Case Study – Asian distributor of plastics products

plastics Client: Asian distributor of plastics products. Business Challenge: Our client comprised a regional headquarters in Singapore with sales offices in Singapore, China (Shanghai), Hong Kong, India, Australia and New Zealand, and a compounding plant in China. The client’s transfer pricing model resulted in losses in the China compounding plant and low profits in the sales […]

Case Study – Leading Global FMCG Distributor

distributor Client: A leading global FMCG distributor with a focus on Asia. Business Challenge: The company has slowly transitioned from a family-owned business, operating in a highly decentralised manner to a sophisticated corporate group that is now publicly traded. Complementing this is an effort to focus on corporate governance and doing things in the “right” manner, […]

Case Study – Multinational Producer of Industrial Products

coal-processor Client: Multinational producer of industrial products in China. Business Challenge: The People’s Republic of China (PRC) introduced very stringent transfer pricing rules with effect from 1 January 2008. Multinationals doing business in the PRC were required at very short notice to ensure that their transfer pricing affairs were in order and where needed, prepare benchmarking […]

Case Study – Hotel and Resort Operator

hotel-resort Client: Hotel and resort operator in Indonesia. Business Challenge: The Indonesian Tax Office (ITO) has recently become focused on transfer pricing and has introduced legislation as well as a challenging compliance and audit regime. ITO auditors are recognised for their tough stance on the deductibility of particular items such as royalties and management fees. The […]